+ Pitch Proposal

Purpose: The pitch gives you a chance to formally present your Major Project idea to your classmates. Based on your pitches, the class will vote on each topic (choosing their top 3) to narrow the choices. Only 3-4 project ideas will be chosen, and students will choose and/or be assigned to a small group for each idea.


  • to create a concept for the webtext (e.g., Major Project idea) that practices the values and concepts you’ve seen enacted in other scholarly multimedia texts
  • to coherently present your knowledge gained so far on the rhetorical situation of the particular journal (AND SECTION) you’d like to target for your project
  • to focus your major project idea for this class and convey that information to your classmates and myself
  • to practice your persuasive presentation & listening skills
  • to convince your classmates that YOUR webtext idea is one that should be chosen to pursue

Due Date:

  • Visual/Multimodal materials: 1pm Wednesday, October 12 (optional)
  • Presentation: 2pm Wednesday, October 12, in class

Pitch Instructions:

Each person in class will prepare your own pitch to present to your classmates, who are your primary audience for this assignment. Like the Tech Review assignment, you can use whatever modes, media, and technologies you need to convince your classmates that YOUR idea should be chosen as one of the group projects. (Only 3-4 will be chosen, by secret ballot immediately after the pitches conclude.) In your presentation, you should consider including the following information:

  • a concrete description of your project
  • which journal and section (if relevant) you think it would best fit into
  • a description of how you think the project will look/function (including what technologies you might use to make it)
  • discussion of how your project concept would meet the assessment criteria for scholarly multimedia that we have discussed in class
  • why your classmates should choose your project

How you get that information (or other information, as needed) across to us is totally up to you. Keep in mind two things:

  • your presentation can be no longer than 3 minutes (so make SURE you practice beforehand and revise/edit as needed)
  • I will be asking for permission to film your presentation for use as possible examples in future classrooms

Turn-In Instructions: Upload your presentation to the /pitch/ folder in DropBox by 1pm Wednesday, October 12, so I can retrieve them all from the instructor’s station for quick presentation. If you don’t have any sharable materials to show, then just be ready to give your pitch in class at 2pm.

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