+ Group Proposal

Purpose: The proposal is a collaborative, group document that outlines/describes how the project will take shape and be completed.


  • to practice initiating collaborative groupwork by establishing shared discourses, conventions, and governing rules
  • to convey, in writing, your multimodal project idea to an audience of editors (and teacher-as-editor)

Due Date:

  • 2pm, Wednesday, October 19, printed out and stapled.

Proposal Instructions:

As a group, you need to write a 2-page, single-spaced proposal (plus team contract) forĀ  your major project. This proposal should describe

  • what your project is about in some detail (1-2 paragraphs),
  • how you plan on designing it to support your argument,
  • why that design is necessary to make your argument,
  • what journal (AND which section of the journal, if that’s relevant) you plan to submit it to and why that one is the best fit for your project,
  • how your group will complete all of the components/criteria listed in the Major Project assignment description, and
  • how your group will agree to complete that work, including
    • documentation of each of your group members’ roles, tasks, and responsibilities
    • your work plan for completing the project by the due date,
    • what research you need to accomplish
    • what technologies you will need to learn or borrow to complete the project, and
    • a signed TEAM-CONTRACT that each group negotiates.

The editors of the journal you are submitting to will be your audience for these proposals. (As an editor, I will stand in for these editors in giving feedback on the proposal. Do not actually send your proposals to the editors.)

Keep in mind that a proposal is just that — you’re *proposing* to do something, which doesn’t mean the proposal is a document written in stone but it should be concrete enough for me to see that you have a good understanding of what needs to be accomplished in the time frame. Use the proposal-writing process as a way to think through in depth what this project will look like/do and how you will all get it done. If it changes slightly (or even more than slightly) along the way, that is to be expected as part of the writing process.

Proposal Turn-In: Bring ONE PRINTED COPY to class for me to comment on. In class, we will workshop the proposals in a format to be determined (either us doing some together and some in small groups, depending on time). Everyone will receive feedback from me on your printed copy by the end of that week, so that you can revise based on your classmates and my feedback.


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