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Submittal Email assignment

Instructions: When you turn in your final project to me, you need to write a submittal email to the editor of the journal you’d like to send your webtext to. A¬† submittal email includes the following information:

  • Salutation to the editor (make sure you get the editor’s name/s right!)
  • Indication of what you’re doing (submitting a webtext)
  • title of your webtext & short description
  • URL or *exact* DropBox location of the webtext
  • Any known issues/concerns about the webtext in its current form (usually things that you want editorial feedback on and/or known technical glitches that don’t interfere with the working of the piece but that you’re still working on and plan to fix) so that the editor will know to take those into consideration when reviewing the submission.
  • A thank you for taking the time to review/respond to the piece.
  • Valediction (Sincerely, Best, etc.)

Turn-In Instructions: This should be a GROUP document, uploaded by ONE of you, to the DropBox location called /submittal-emails/. There is a sample submittal email in that location now.

Due Date: This submittal email is due no later than the end of the exam period for our class (5:10pm, Tuesday, December 13).

Scavenger Hunt

Do this assignment AFTER you’ve done the readings for next week.

Find 2 online pieces of digital media that make you say “wow”– that might be wow in a good way (as in, “wow, that’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen!”) or in a bad way (as in, “wow, that’s total crap!”) or some combination. Both pieces shouldn’t be from the “bad wow” category¬† — mix it up a little, so you can have a variety of texts to consider.

Also, the examples you choose should vary in media and modes of communication in some way. iow, they shouldn’t all be animations, nor all web-comics, nor machinima, nor lolcats, nor webtexts, etc. This is to prevent you from getting stuck into one way of visualizing how a project might proceed.

Your examples may or may not have anything to do with writing studies. My main goal with this exercise is to have you explore different ways of presenting information/ideas/creativity using digital media and to ask you to think about WHY the pieces you choose make you say wow.

Read the pieces with the three sets of multimodal criteria in mind (posted in your homework Readings for next week; the 1-3 pagers)

Once you’ve read these pieces, you should Comment on this post and

  1. provide the citation of both pieces (as much as you think we need to figure out what it is and where to find it) and link to them
  2. describe the pieces (in 5-10 sentences/a paragraph each) telling us WHY the pieces make you say wow. Use as many terms/concepts from the multimodal reading criteria (from the homework readings) as seems necessary/useful. The point is to be explicit about how the piece is working and why you chose it as an example, using those criteria as a possible framework for that discussion/description.
  3. Finally, include any questions/concepts/terms that you wish had been included in the sets of criteria (e.g., terms YOU would have used, or did use, to describe the wowfulness of the pieces you chose but that weren’t listed in the provided criteria) and why these terms might be important to consider including when evaluating other pieces of digital media. iow, what’s missing?

These posts are due by noon, Wednesday, Sept. 21. Let me know if you have questions!


Syllabus/Expectations Response

Post a comment in response to THIS post (click on the little speech bubble in the upper-right corner of this post) by 8am, Wednesday, August 31. This comment should be a response to the class About pages. You should discuss your response to the course goals, projects, what you expected from this class, what you think it’s going to be about (instead of?), what you value as a student, what you hope to gain from this class, what ideas you might already have for projects, and anything else you find relevant for me to know from the outset.

Your post serves as recognition that you have read and understood the course syllabus and also helps me gauge what you expect from me and this class. This post should be 3-4 paragraphs or an annotated list.

Let me know if you have questions!