Submittal Email assignment

Instructions: When you turn in your final project to me, you need to write a submittal email to the editor of the journal you’d like to send your webtext to. A  submittal email includes the following information:

  • Salutation to the editor (make sure you get the editor’s name/s right!)
  • Indication of what you’re doing (submitting a webtext)
  • title of your webtext & short description
  • URL or *exact* DropBox location of the webtext
  • Any known issues/concerns about the webtext in its current form (usually things that you want editorial feedback on and/or known technical glitches that don’t interfere with the working of the piece but that you’re still working on and plan to fix) so that the editor will know to take those into consideration when reviewing the submission.
  • A thank you for taking the time to review/respond to the piece.
  • Valediction (Sincerely, Best, etc.)

Turn-In Instructions: This should be a GROUP document, uploaded by ONE of you, to the DropBox location called /submittal-emails/. There is a sample submittal email in that location now.

Due Date: This submittal email is due no later than the end of the exam period for our class (5:10pm, Tuesday, December 13).

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