Monthly Archives: October 2011

Research Assignment

Based on your project idea, each person in your group needs to find 2 pieces of research (at least one scholarly, one popular; but can also be two scholarly; they can all be linear or multimodal, doesn’t matter). Annotate both of those pieces for your groupmates. The annotation should:

  • be a written summary of the research
  • describe how the research relates to your proposed project
  • point out any important points you can use in your project
  • point out any important points you think the article misses that your project will fill
  • include an appropriate multimodal representation of the research, which you might be able to use as part of your webtext

Post what your two articles are here, as Comments on this blog post. Include here the research item’s title, its publication venue, a link if that’s available, and enough info (1-2 sentences) as to why you think this piece is a good fit for your project. The point isn’t to pick ANY two pieces of research; it’s to choose at least two pieces that will be of significant use to your project. Each person can post their two, or the group can post collectively.

You need to post your choices by Friday of this week. Your annotations are due in class next Wednesday.