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Post a comment in response to THIS post (click on the little speech bubble in the upper-right corner of this post) by 8am, Wednesday, August 31. This comment should be a response to the class About pages. You should discuss your response to the course goals, projects, what you expected from this class, what you think it’s going to be about (instead of?), what you value as a student, what you hope to gain from this class, what ideas you might already have for projects, and anything else you find relevant for me to know from the outset.

Your post serves as recognition that you have read and understood the course syllabus and also helps me gauge what you expect from me and this class. This post should be 3-4 paragraphs or an annotated list.

Let me know if you have questions!


14 thoughts on “Syllabus/Expectations Response

  1. Beth Keller

    After our first class meeting, I was a bit surprised of what this class was really about. I read the description for Multimodal Composition last March and decided it would a great writing class. My own definition of this class came purely from a Journalistic point-of-view where I thought multimodal/multimedia was meaning to learn to write for different mediums, i.e. television scripts, newspaper articles, radio blurbs, web articles. Why I thought this, I do not know. Either way, my interest is still caught, and I am excited to take this class.

    The goals of this class are very reasonable because we are learning how to explain our thoughts and reasons in a more advanced way instead of just through the written word. The written word is powerful is so many ways but to get our audience to fully understand, we have to get their attention first and to explain our point in multiple ways by showing them visuals, videos, diagrams, and so on. I like a professor who thinks of her students as professionals and will treat them like so because for me, it makes me work harder and get a better appreciation for the work I do.

    I have previously dabbled in web design and print layout designs and have some knowledge in Photoshop. I am really excited to put all these together and create something I’ve never created before. I’m still a bit apprehensive of what I can do but my creativity is always my driving force in life. If I put my mind to it, I know I can accomplish it.

    What I hope to gain from this class is a better way to visually communicate with my audience. Since I am a Visual Communications major, I think this material will hopefully land me that job that doesn’t quite exist yet. I truly believe that utilizing technology and incorporating it into how we teach and learn will greatly effect students and make them more successful. Kids are being brought up using technology which is not a cop out or a sign of laziness. We can still be educated but traditional ways may not be the best or most efficient way anymore.

  2. Chris Krueger

    I should start out by saying that I took this class because I am in the technical writing focus and just the name of this class sounded like something I should have in my arsenal. I really have no idea what kind of technical writing I want to do but seems like this class will provide me with opportunities to see many kinds of publishing that are out there. The goals of this class are closely related to the ideas I have about technical writing. I will probably need to be flexible with my writing in the future so developing a process (analysis, invention, drafting…) that is useful in many circumstances is crucial.

    In my technical writing class last year, I was hoping to learn how to use things like photoshop and indesign and dreamweaver but we spent almost no time on any of the programs. I hope this year to be familiarized with a few of these or other programs that I will use as a technical writer. I will be taking at least three other classes revolving around technical writing so I hope to improve my skills with these programs throughout the rest of my time here. I am an editor for Euphemism, the student online journal here, and we use dreamweaver to publish our issues, so I hope some of that experience can help me in this class.

    Although I am not a huge fan of group projects, I am actually looking forward to them in this class. I expect to be collaborating with many different people in my professional writing careers so it will be a good learning experience. I have run into a few problems with negative feedback in the past, but I hope by this age everyone is mature enough to give (and receive) constructive feedback that is appropriate.

    I am excited to see what kinds of projects we will be doing this semester. The one thing I was worried about when signing up for this class was the potential for projects to be very dull. Wednesday’s class definitely rid those fears and I hope to be able to have fun with these projects.

  3. Chris Monforton

    When I first signed up for this class I honestly did not know what to expect. All I understood about what I was signing up for was the fact that it was going to be different from all other English classes I have taken so far. Most English classes I have taken are based off of reading out of books or online scholarly articles. And most of those classes including a ton of writing/ typing. While I’m sure there will be a lot of those elements incorporated into this class, I know this class will be different based off the description, the syllabus and the things we went over the first day of class.

    I’m excited to get the chance to work with more visual concepts rather then just purely writing. The goals listed for this class clearly suggest that this class will be based on the visual aspect of the English world. So I am excited as far as that goes. I am going into English education, so by learning more about the different ways technology can be used in the English world, I could learn different ways to incorporate technology into my classes I will be teaching in the future.

    As a student, I value all the time I get to study and work for my classes. Me and my family are paying all this money for these classes, so why waist it? Of course, I do appreciate my time on the weekends going out and having a good time, But I try to balance everything out the way they should be, and I try to set my priorities the way they should be if I want to be successful, which of course, I do. So of course, having a good work ethic for this class is a top priority.

    1. Chris Monforton

      I accidentally posted that last post. I’m not quite done with typing up this response, so here is the rest. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

      But like I was saying, I plan on treating this class like a job. It seems like this class will be like working for a publisher in a way. So this is how I will treat it. I will get everything done by the deadlines they need to be done by. This will be interesting to me because I always wanted to work for a big time magazine/ newspaper, working my way to being an editor. So working in a class like this will hopefully give me that kind of perceptive. I always here how hard it is to get into that kind of career and make a decent living at the same time. So I went to the teaching aspect of writing (I know, its not much of a difference as far as salary and job availability is concerned).

      I look forward to working my hardest in this class and I look forward to learning more about this aspect of writing and English itself.

  4. Darian Longmire

    I recently took a plunge into making the decision to get a Writing minor in combination with my Graphic Design degree. I’ve been an art student and graphic designer for a while now but I always sort of had a passion for writing as well. Stumbling across this class; while re-arranging my class schedule to put me on the track towards my new minor, sounded right up my alley (I was actually a little surprised something like this existed).

    In the essence though this seems to be something that I’ve already really been forced to explore and interrogate as an art student. Communicating across different mediums is something I came to know well taking 3d art classes…There, the goal was to express ideas in the tactile sense, whether it be paint or sculpture. Here the idea I think is to express ideas in a variety of forms that pushes you to really put your expressions into different contexts like typography, page layout, web, etc.

    I’m expecting to be extremely interested in all avenues we take on in this class as well really familiar with some and not so familiar with other aspects. I think my challenge will be to not favor my artistic sense over the functional or utilitarian sort of aims of this course as well. I’m excited to also give my design experience a different use because it will help me grow. I’m excited to learn and also share with the other students.

  5. Jess Krist

    This semester I’m in 3 computer based English classes which is a completely different setting for me. Last year I took technical writing and though I wasn’t the biggest fan of it, it kind of piqued my interest in the realm of technical based English classes. Its clear as time goes on the idea of the “written” word is progressing and evolving into all modes of technology which I find very fascinating. This semester I’m also in Technical Editing and Visible Rhetoric.

    I’m very interested to see how this class plays in role or helps me in my other classes. In technical writing, we only dabbled in Dream Weaver for about a week but I’m excited to work with other programs this semester and (hopefully) become more comfortable and familiar with them.

    I went into college with the notion that the written word is of utmost importance, not fully realizing that the idea of words and language are expanding, and in a good way! I’m in the publishing sequence so for the longest time I had it in my head that Newspaper, books and magazines were the only career paths I could take. However, in taking this class, I’ll be excited to explore other career options based on multimedia through online journals and such.

  6. Brian Sorenson

    I’m an English major with career aspirations that are relatively unconventional when compared to those held by most other individuals in the field. This course’s content seems equally unconventional in the face of other English courses I’ve taken. Thus, it seemed to me from what I’ve learned in our first class that I would fit in well with what this course aims to teach.

    I aspire to work in a field that combines qualities intrinsically associated with receiving an English degree, along with skills I’ve earned using technology. I was surrounded by technology at a young age so most of it comes as second nature to me. I’ve dabbled with blogs, graphic design, word processing, and so on, and I have an almost endless amount of ideas of how to make bold, meaningful statements using those forms of expression. As an editor of Euphemism, ISU’s online student journal, I’ve been exposed to a number of creative works done with computers which has served to further pique my interest in the subject.

    In that sense, the course goals listed for the class seem right up my alley. Integrating a wide range of media with which to express thoughts and ideas is something I’ve been waiting to sink my teeth into for a long time. I hope to gain from this integration a better appreciation of where society is going with the written word.

  7. Casey Kilroy

    Besides knowing that it fulfilled a requirement for my current major, English, I had no idea what to expect from a class called ‘Multimodal Composition’. But after experiencing our first class last Wednesday and becoming more aware of what this semester will entail, I am now very excited to begin working on projects and assignments with my peers. From the information I gathered in the first class and the online syllabus, it seems as though we will be producing and collaborating work in a similar format to people who work professionally in this field. I think that a class like this, which gives students the opportunity to see what a certain professional field is really like before actually stepping into the “real world”, is a very unique and educational hands-on experience that most students will find hard to come by. Also, having the class taught by a professor who still works in the field that she is teaching (as opposed to someone who used to work in the field, or even worse, someone who only studied about the field that they are teaching) is a very rewarding learning experience for the students.

    The way this class is prepared, organized, and accessed, that is, through digital mediums (mainly the internet), is a very progressive and modern way to combine effective teaching and learning; something that my generation is in desperate need of. Referring to the YouTube videos we watched in class last week, it is difficult to understand why, in the 21st century, we are still being taught using 19th century teaching methods. This is one of the few classes that actually take full advantage of the incredible technologies that are available to us, and produces results that would not be possible through the use of “traditional” teaching methods. In a world where technology evolves at an exponential rate, I believe it is extremely important to not only understand how to use the current technologies available to us, but also know how to learn and adapt to future technologies that do not yet exist; something that this class promises to accomplish.

    Although I am not entirely sure on what I would like to do with my future in the work force, I would ideally like to be able to conduct my work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection; something that has only been possible for the last few decades. After seeing and hearing what Dr. Ball does for a living outside of her teaching job at ISU, I can absolutely see that a goal like mine (that is, to work using primarily an online medium) is entirely possible.

    Having said all that, I am very excited to start this class and begin working and learning in a completely new and interesting class format.

  8. Chris Snyder

    Well it was nice to know that a lot of what we went over on the first day of class was on the syllabus we read for this post so that made it less tedious which is definitely something I am a fan of. I skimmed over the details that are the same in all the classes but I’ll talk a look if I find something that’s different.
    I’m rather enthused about this class. It’s my only non-lit, non-grammar class that will allow me to not only think creatively, but express my thoughts creatively. In the goals section I was pleased to read how much this class will actually deal with using multiple forms of media and is not just a boring intro class. I hope to be challenged in this class but I don’t think it will be a problem. I’m also interested in the types of research we will be doing for this class. It seems like we’ll have a pretty wide range of topics to choose from and I’m looking forward to see what the people in the class and I can come up with. As far as expectations go, I’m only expecting to be able to express myself, my ideas, and my writing in new ways that may intrigue the more tech-savvy population or anyone who really cares enough to check it out.
    Because I have no clue what we are going to be working on I cannot begin to imagine what kinds of creative projects will come to mind but I can almost assure you that I’ve always been one for good ideas and hope that my mind doesn’t fail me now. I’m probably, in addition to being excited about working with different types of media, most excited about learning about the projects we’re going to be focusing on. So in time, I will probably grow increasingly more optimistic about the class, which is awesome.

  9. Laura Nord

    At first I was a bit hesitant to take this course because I haven’t had much experience working on multimedia projects. I do, however, understand the importance of being able to work digitally. I think that being able to present in various compositions is a valuable skill set, especially in this day and age.

    I appreciate that you clearly define your expectations and values. You also state that there will be a lot of formal and informal feedback throughout the semester which I think is great. Although there is not an outlined points system for grading, you are sure to list all course requirements.

    I hope to gain a better understanding of using multimodal composition as a means to present ideas. I think, as an English major, that it is very important to be well rounded in communicating in multiple modes. I also hope to become better acquainted with computer programs that deal with elements of digital design.

  10. Kasha Henricks

    The knowledge I had going into this class came from the Illinois State University’s English Department course list description. I found the description to be quite accurate of what to expect this semester, as it appears to be the same description shown on the blog page. We will learn how to write for, publish on, and navigate online databases, as well as, learning and understanding the different aspects of multimodal composition. Not to forget the general consensus of simply being awesome in every aspect of this class.

    It appears that what is expected of us is simply our best work. We are expected to put one hundred percent into every project and homework assignment. We are also expected to come to class prepared and ready to learn. Participation is key and essential to a good grade. I believe that what you expect of us is also what I should expect of myself. I expect to learn about multimodal composition and all the different aspects it entails. Writing is an aspect of English that greatly interests me and I feel that this class can help me learn how to possibly publish for an online database.

    The examples shown in class last week gave me a general idea of what we hope to accomplish this semester. As the semester progresses I feel the project definitions will become clearer. I have a general understanding of what the projects will entail however, further definition of multimodal composition and examples will help me to better understand what is expected and how to complete these projects.

  11. Erin Lentz

    When I registered for this class I was not completely sure of what I was getting myself into. All I had to base my decision was the little description provided in the catalog. When I read the description the class sounded very interesting to me and different. I thought this would be a fun class to take and felt like it will also be helpful for the future. I am interested to learn different ways to get my ideas and messages across in other forms besides just writing it down on a piece of paper.
    After I read the About section in this blog I realized how much of an impact multimodal has on everyday life and even with teaching. It was said that many teachers use multimodal tools in the class room to help their students learn better compared to just reading information out of a book. I think this class will be useful for any major may it be teaching, advertising, to just English.
    I felt like your expectations for us as your students are very reasonable and will be fallowed by all. I like how you have set up the grading for this class. It seems be be fair to start everyone off at the B/C grade and make them either work for the A or just be average to below average. I am also interested to see how everyone’s main project turns out because we will be building up to the final product throughout the whole semester. It will also be nice to see everyone’s progress as we are all learning new techniques.

  12. Kristina Mowers

    After reading the course description for this class in the catalog, I got really excited that there was actually an opening. When I read it, I thought that this course would be about reading and writing in different forms than I was used to. I took a creative writing course last semester that experimented with a few different mediums of expression, mostly visual, and was hoping to expand upon that knowledge in this course. I was also aiming to take a more scholarly focus on analyzing such mediums rhetorically.

    After exploring the class website, I believe that this course will be better than I originally expected. I’ve played around with programs such as Photoshop and Adobe InDesign and have always enjoyed it. I’m expecting to use programs such as these to help express my ideas in a new way. This course almost sounds as if it can be similar to a Graphic Design class, but with a closer focus in English . I’m honestly looking forward to trying new things and shaping new skills that I can use not just while in this class, but in the workforce as well.

    I think that the way the grading system works in this course is going to bring out the best in my abilities. When my work is treated professionally, I know that the teacher is doing more than making check marks on a rubric. This encourages me to work in new, innovative ways that I perhaps may have not done if the grading was more traditional. It pushes the comfort boundary when I know that I can’t get an “A” just by fulfilling the minimum requirements. It’s not OK to just settle.

    In this course, I hope to leave with a new understanding of communicating through different mediums. I’m looking forward to giving this class plenty of my time and effort simply because I believe it will be enjoyable and highly rewarding.

  13. Jenna Salak

    After last weeks class I was both intrigued and a little scared of multimodal composition. I thought that the videos professor Ball showed us were very interesting and innovative. However, I have no experience in multimedia programs, nor have I ever directed a film, or written a blog.

    Reading the syllabus helped to ease my apprehension about the class because in teh syllabus professor Ball specifically states that you do NOT need to have any experience with multi media or understanding of what multimodal composition is. Even though it is still a bit intimidating, I feel better knowing that this class and the skills we will acquire by the end of the semester will be taught to us as beginners to this new type of media.

    I am very much looking forward to brainstorming ideas for the final project. I felt really moved by the video about students in college and all of the statistics the video threw at the audience. I also am very excited in that I feel this class will tie nicely into my ENG 350 class, visible rhetoric, since the class deals with many aspects of multimedia and graphic design.


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